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Decorative Rock, RIP RAP, Aggregate, and Boulders Mayer, Arizona

Big Bug Sand & Gravel 's quarry in Mayer, Arizona has spent 35 years rocking the region with retail and wholesale stone materials. Our business is locally owned and operated, recently undergone a few changes. Big Bug Sand & Gravel rock yard is now passionately operated by two Arizona-born geologists, David and Doug Knight. We are working hard to ensure past customers can continue to receive the same great materials as well as impeccable customer service. We also look forward to all of the new customers who will grow with us as we provide the stepping stones to their next successful project. Our rock yard is home to some of the best products available on the market, ready to head from our lot to your property as soon as you need it. From aggregate to decorative landscape rock, we provide both residential and commercial customers with everything they need to complete their projects.

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Big Bug Sand & Gravel Owner
David and Doug Knight

Decorative Rocks

Take your property’s landscape to the next level with stunning decorative rocks and stones. Whether for a home or business, our services will have a positive impact.   


We have a wide range of aggregate materials for use in everything from construction work to concrete. These include items such as gravel, sand, crushed stone, and more.


We allow our customers to make large wholesale purchases of our products. Whether you need landscape gravel or aggregate, we’ve got it covered.

Tell us a little more about your project, and we will happily guide you with expert advice on the best materials for the job, as well as ensure you can complete a job within budget. Call Yavapai County’s top rock yard for more information on our inventory or with any questions about our services. Don’t forget to ask about receiving an estimate for your materials.